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John F. Uhle Ministerial Scholarship Recipient - Anna Ferro


Upon his retirement in 1999, Pastor John Uhle requested that monetary gifts be used to establish the John F. Uhle Ministerial Scholarship to inspire and support men and women of Bethany who enter seminary. Since its inception, gifts of $11,513 have been given to the Fund. In addition it has earned $1,473.81 in interest.

On Sunday, August 18, Anna Ferro became the first seminary candidate to receive a gift from the Fund. Pastor Uhle’s widow, Jean Uhle, presented the first installment to Anna. In addition to the scholarship, Anna received gifts from the Bethany Congregation, the Chancel Choir, and the Quilters. A framed image of Anna’s Confirmation verse, surrounded by well wishes from Bethany members, was designed by Judy Flamik and framed by Paul Goebl. Anna is attending Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.